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I am just going to be writing about the crazy things that go on in my head. Seriously some of it is scary.. hehe

Brad from the vamps!! :) just an amateur work on a moment of inspiration


I love how crazy Dylan looks in this. XD
Full scene of of my favorite part of the ‘Divine Move’ episode.

Love this scene! 

De-Void: Teen Wolf (S3, ep22)


I can definitely see why this was Hoechlin’s favourite episode. IT WAS SO AWESOME! I have a lot of feelings so excuse me while I vent (SPOILERS BELOW)

Omg when the Nogitsune caught the electricity that was so epic! Do it again!



(Oh, wait - I forgot he’s the bad guy. Darn it.)

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How All the Dylan O’Brien Fans Really Feel About Void Stiles…


So he’s all like:


Void Stiles is Evil,we can’t like him but we are all like:




These are true words, you know you all thought. 


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true that.
please don’t!

true that.

please don’t!

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He is beautiful <3

He is beautiful <3

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WOW! ahahahahahaha
My life. So accurate. I love books, I cannot emphasise that any more than I already have &lt;3

My life. So accurate. I love books, I cannot emphasise that any more than I already have <3

The wanted

Great decided to have something at McDonald’s and guess what they play. Gold forever. Good going God. Just rub it in my face. Salt to the wound :(


I don’t understand why everything that The Wanted does has to involve One Direction in some way. 

"The Wanted sold this many records… Well One direction sold this many"

"The Wanted have fans ouytside the hotel… Well One Direction has this many fans here"

Like shut the fuck up. They are both seperate bands. Not everything they do have to be compared. 

Truer words have never been spoken.